Monday, January 01, 2001

Ewan McNaught (eugene/Frankie Sumatra)

If Miles Davis and Ernest Hemingway could have produced a child it would have been Ewan. True creative writing genius is a rare beast, and of all the current posters in here I can think of only one – Ewan is clearly the 400 lb gorilla in our midst
Nathan Hasalbauer, President, International High IQ Society, New York

Casa del Ionesco is wonderful little site, a repository of intelligent commentary and interesting articles culled from the net and blogosphere. And your picture is great. I frequent the Casa a few times a week. Keep it up.

Husain Naqvi,

Ewan - A profound and enlightening writer for the masses, a light sardonic touch. A real post-post modernist outlook that gives him the look of a man on the edge of civilization; not dire, but an optimistically dire perspective. Sees life through the eyes of an Underworld traveller but with the panoramic scope of a flying hedonist. Darts through the mesosphere with a yawn and sometimes a slyly held middle finger
Will Weatherley, Southern California

He a jazz record. Don’t look. Listen
Robbie, Berkeley

A misanthropist with a mean streak a mile wide
Robert, San Francisco

Pretentious p****
P.B., Kirkcaldy

IHIQS interview

Atomic Magazine profile

Graeme Jamieson

Graeme Jamieson is a rhymer of rhythm.
If you're unsure of what he’s trying to do; there’s a patter of pulp there, if you’re ready to chew. Published all over the world, he’s just been ‘made’ by New York’s leading Lounge & Cocktail Culture web site, Tommy White Tie , and this for a bona fide flâneur who still lives in Edinburgh. He’s a neoligistic wordsmith who knows what time it is, while this, his freest form is: "different and intelligent… kind of like the guy who’s off in the corner inhaling nitrous and spouting off all sorts of incredibly coherent nonsense that leaves the rest of the room saying "you’re wacked" but safe in the knowledge he’s brilliant." —Senator, Consigliere, TWT

“A professional lounger” —Dazed & Confused