Sunday, September 04, 2005

Carlito's Way

Carlito Brigante: You a gangster now. You on the other side. Whole new ball game. But you can't learn about it in school -- and you can't get a late start.

Pachanga: Carlito, man. Death Valley out here, man. Mira, you know me, I take to the street with any of these motherfuckers, man. But these new kids nowadays, man, they got no respect for human life! They shotgun you, man, just to see you fly up in the air, muchacho. You're better off in jail.
Mira que I don't even go up to the black Harlem no more, man. They're fuckin' crazy up there. Remember Victor?
Carlito: Victor, with the beard...
Pachanga: Victor got shotgunned to death right in front of the High, man. Right in front of fuckin' Patrick Henry High. Y Lalin, you know Lalin.
Carlito: Lalin Miasso, what happened to him?
Pachanga: Lalin is doin' thirty years in Attica, man, thirty years!

Benny Blanco: Hey, my name is Benny Blanco from the Bronx.
Carlito: You know me?
Benny Blanco: Yeah, I know you, you're Carlito Brigante motherfucker to the max, that's who you are!
Carlito: Well, I don't know you. So, I don't owe you, Saso does. My place now, new rules. Everybody pays, okay?

Benny Blanco: I don't know, but there may be some mis-fuckin'-understanding, I don't know man, but maybe you don't remember me, my name is Benny ...
Carlito: Maybe I don't give a shit! Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either.
Who the fuck are you? I should remember you? What, you think you like me? You ain't like me motherfucker, you a punk. I've been with made people, connected people. Who've you been with? Chain snatching, jive-ass, maricon motherfuckers. Why don't you get out of here and go snatch a purse.

[Benny Blanco is being beat up by Pachanga]
Carlito: Take him in the alley!
Carlito: [voice-over] Dumb move, man. Dumb move. But it's like them old reflexes comin' back.

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