Sunday, April 25, 2004

Playaz & Hataz

If Miles Davis and Ernest Hemingway could have produced a child it would have been Ewan. True creative writing genius is a rare beast, and of all the current posters in here I can think of only one – Ewan is clearly the 400 lb gorilla in our midst ~ Nathan Hasalbauer, President, International High IQ Society, New York.

Ewan - A profound and enlightening writer for the masses, a light sardonic touch. A real post-post modernist outlook that gives him the look of a man on the edge of civilization; not dire, but an optimistically dire perspective. Sees life through the eyes of an Underworld traveller but with the panoramic scope of a flying hedonist. Darts through the mesosphere with a yawn and sometimes a slyly held middle finger ~ Will Weatherley, Southern California

He a jazz record. Don’t look. Listen ~ Robbie, Berkeley

A misanthropist with a mean streak a mile wide ~ Robert, San Francisco

Pretentious p**** ~ P.B., Kirkcaldy