Friday, April 07, 2006

Forget the beautiful corpse, I'll settle for a paradoxical obituary

Much as I'd like to donate a beautiful corpse to posterity, I'm not prepared to do the prison time. I'll settle for a paradoxical obituary.

This was the New York Times' trubute to Susan Sontag, (from The Believer) :
Through four decades, public response to Ms. Sontag remained irreconcilably divided. She was described, variously, as explosive, anticlimactic, original, derivative, naïve, sophisticated, approachable, aloof, condescending, populist, puritanical, sybaritic, sincere, posturing, ascetic, voluptuary, right-wing, left-wing, profound, superficial, ardent, bloodless, dogmatic, ambivalent, tenacious, ecstatic, melancholic, humorous, humorless, deadpan, rhapsodic, cantankerous and clever. No one ever called her dull.
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