Friday, October 28, 2005

And then there were two: Casa del ionesco's new contributor

Casa del ionesco's new contributor is an old friend:

Graeme Jamieson is a rhymer of rhythm. It may seem to some that he's no idea what he's trying to say, but there's a story there, if you're willing to play. Published all over the world, he's just been 'made' by New York's leading Lounge & Cocktail Culture website, Tommy White Tie , and this for a bona fide flâneur who still lives in Edinburgh. He's a world class wordsmith who clearly gets it, while his freest form is different and intelligent... kinda like the fella who's off in the corner inhaling nitrous and spouting off all sorts of incredibly coherent nonsense that leaves the rest of the room saying 'you're wacked', but safe in the knowledge that he's brilliant.

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