Monday, March 27, 2006

Harlem Shuffle ~ Hot Joints from the Beat Barbecue

There follows an eclectic and esoteric selection of tunes, all of which have recently graced casa del ionesco's boomin' system. The only common denominator is that they have refloated my capsized boat/relit my fading fire/swung my cobwebbed chandelier/got my geriatric groove going and/or found gainful employment for my recalcitrantly idle mojo:

Hank Levine & His Orchestra ~ Image Part 1
Goldfrapp ~ Lovely Head & Pilots
Nikki Giovanni ~ Ego Tripping
Ray Bryant ~ Up Above the Rock
Massive Attack featuring Terry Callier ~ Live With Me
Cornelius ~ Drop
Jenny Evans ~ In the Name of Love
Flora Purim ~ Preciso Aprender A Ser Só
Tenth & Parker featuring Mark Murphy ~ Kool Down
Ken Nordine ~ Faces in the Jazzamatazz
De-Phazz ~ Chez Clerambault
This Kid Named Miles ~ Ring of Fire
RJD2 ~ Ghostwriter
Flying Pop's ~ Côte Ouest

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