Monday, March 27, 2006

Tom Waits on Ken Nordine

Ken Nordine, yeah I know that guy, I heard his voice 1000 times, he’s the guy in the bus station that says “go ahead I’ll keep an eye on your stuff for you,” and you see him the next day walking around town wearing your clothes. He broadcasts from the boiler room of the Wilmont Hotel with 50,000 watts of power. I know that voice, he’s the guy with the pitchfork in your head saying go ahead and jump, and he’s the ambulance driver who tells you you’re going to pull thru. He’s the guy in the control tower who talked you down in a storm with a hole in your fuselage and both engines on fire. I heard him barking thru the Rose Alley Carnival strobe as samurai firemen were pulling hose. Yeah, he’s the dispatcher with the heart of gold, the only guy up this late on the suicide hotline. Ken Nordine is the real angel sitting on the wire in the tangled matrix of cobwebs that holds the whole attic together. Yeah, Ken Nordine, he’s the switchboard operator at the Taft Hotel, the only place in town you can get a drink at this hour. You know Ken Nordine, he’s the lite in the icebox, he’s the blacksmith on the anvil in your ear.


J.A.H said...

Eugene, you must keep it up.

My time is precious but only because of my studies.
Your blog, it brings the mental stimulation right to my willing brain cells, infuriated and damaged by massive societal attacks. It's like ointment of the good kind for the understimulated mind.
I check it often. Lo and behold I learn and I grow.

Thank you

eugene ionesco said...

Thanks, j.a.h, for your kind words. I've been pretty busy, of late, taking care of a sick child. Thankfully, she's much better now. Hopefully, I should be able to update the site a little more regularly again.