Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ipod-Phone Hybrid hogs headlines

Good to see the iPod-Phone Hybrid in the news today, but it seems Apple's latest gizmo is already "carving a rep" as an attention-seeking publicity slut.

Not content with:
iPod-Phone Hybrid Launches Tory Leadership Bid
The narcissistic newcomer followed up with:

iPod-Phone Hybrid Pushes New Anti-terror Law

In an unprecedented move Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, accused the new product of having "ideas above its station" and criticised it for "giving the come-on" to predatory management and marketing companies. "Between you and me, guys, this little tramp is acting like a Coney Island hooker" he confided to the world's press before declaring an intention to keep the upcoming (and, if industry rumours are to be believed, equally frisky) iPod nano "on a tight leash."

Thankfully, a few spare column inches were devoted to the day's real story:

Singapore Ponders A Wigless Future

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