Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yalloppin' Hounds ~ Romantic Thugz & Rayzd ~ Apparition

Romantic Thugz

This smokin' NYC combo mix street swing, jazz and hip-hop to form "Ghetto Swing Extreme." Dr.Dre meets Count Basie Orchestra, or the Wu Tang Clan jammin' with Duke Ellington. G-Clef Da Mad Komposa and his crew know Cab Calloway and the zoot-suited swing pioneers were the prototype for for today's rap superstars. The Hounds sound tougher than a Bronx street hood but tender like midnight in Manhattan. Harlem Apollo meets the Rainbow Room. Romantic Thugz was the East Coast anthem for the neo-swing generation, the cool New York hipster flipside to Californian cats Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's hedonistic West Coast sound.

G-Clef is a musical visionary: a true pioneer of swing/hip-hop/jazz crossover. Long may he continue to innovate and inspire.

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G-Clef's latest genre-defying incarnation is Rayzd. Rayzd incorporate eastern mystical and Japanese Anime/Otaku influences within their musical smorgasbord. I've reviewed their debut album Fear is the Mind Killer here.
Listen to FITMK's Apparition here

Rayzd's new album Just Fade Away: Music of Cowboy Bebop and Other Sounds for the Discerning Otaku is available now from Amazon and other discerning online retailers.

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