Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Awakenings: Hollywood Gets Hip to the Zeitgeist

From Guardian.co.uk
For the past year the bald, ugly facts of the world we now live in have finally begun bubbling out from under the crust of officially sponsored bullshit that until recently constituted reality for many Americans. However, since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and Hurricane Cindy Sheehan hit Crawford, Texas, Pandora's box has been irrevocably opened, the bats and rats of actuality pouring out of it on a daily basis: unfathomable incompetence and corruption, a Veep defending torture, Plamegate metastasizing hourly; a 360-degree cyclorama of corruption and deceit - and the media can scarcely avoid showing it. It took a while but, man, it's been worth the wait.

However, during the same period we've had to wait for the movies to reflect this new dispensation. Investigative reporters and bloggers can turn on a dime in response to breaking events. Hollywood, by contrast, has the turning circle of an oceangoing liner, and is compromised by the sheer cost of its product. Still, it's beginning to happen.

John Patterson

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