Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MetroDaddy v. UberMummy

"Contrary to most of the skin-deep coverage of the last two years, metrosexuality is not about going to spas and wearing flip flops, nor is it essentially 'girly' and 'feminine' -- unless you think that narcissism and self-centredness are essentially feminine qualities. Metrosexuality... is mediated masculinity."

"The 'ubersexual' is just a badly repackaged metrosexual. Any discussion in the style pages of the media about what is desirable and attractive in men and what is 'manly' and what isn't, is simply more metrosexualisation, even if it doesn't come, as it has in this case, directly from marketers who have every interest in even more buying and selling of male-ness."

Mark Simpson, the man who has been blamed/credited for coining the term 'metrosexual', interviews himself about the 'death' of the metrosexual and why "UberMummy" hates his MetroKid's post-feminist independence.

Graeme Jamieson

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