Friday, December 16, 2005

French Rappers to Take the Rap for the Riots?

The waves of riots that swept across France this year have had an unexpected consequence for the French music industry.

Last week, 200 politicians backed a petition by MP François Grosdidier calling for legal action against several hip hop musicians for their aggressive lyrics.

Although prime minister Dominique de Villepin immediately dismissed the idea, it could not have come as a complete surprise to the rappers to find themselves in the eye of the storm.

For more than a decade, French rap has been the voice of the banlieues, the poor suburbs, and it has long been full of warnings of violence to come in those areas. The tensions - and the musical culture - of these estates were briefly brought to international attention by the 1996 film La Haine ("Hate"), but it is the hip hop world that has kept the issues uppermost in the minds of French youth.
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ricky said...

Just become a blogger and delighted to find you. Can't believe I know nothing about the new Malick movie
No news about him in The Guardian or anything else I read until yesterday when John Patterson gave it a fantastic review.
Will study your blog in depth over the holiday. Have told my daughter, a budding screen writer to read it too
Happy Xmas

eugene ionesco said...

Thanks, Ricky,

Good luck with your blog and I hope you and your family enjoy the festive break.