Friday, January 06, 2006

Burn, Hollywood, Burn ~ Raking Over the Embers of 2005

Casa del ionesco's top 10 American Movies of 2005:

1- David Cronenberg's A History of Violence

2- Terrence Malick's The New World

3- Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

4- Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins

If there were any other intelligent, provocative, stimulating, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, well-written, artfully-directed movies emanating from Hollywood in 2005 then, sadly, I missed them. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Batman Begins proved you don't have to be dumb to be entertaining, but, in an era where the sole indice of cinematic achievement seems to be box office returns, A History of Violence was, arguably, the only challenging, subversive, paradigm-shifting American movie of 2005...and it was directed by a Canadian.


Jack P Toerson said...

The Constant Gardener.

eugene ionesco said...

"The Constant Gardener"

Yeah, that's one of the movies I missed. I plan to check it out on dvd.

Radmila said...

Paul Haggis