Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Graeme Jamieson on Grown So Ugly by The Black Keys

Grown So Ugly, by The Black Keys

His voice, right from the opening, amazing "I got up this morning/Put on my shoes/Tied my shoes/Went to the mirror" makes me think of some barrel drum on fire in a soup kitchen cordoned-off area under a flyover of some sort on the way out of Bumsville.

Imagine you seen. Picture it. I don't even know myself what it looks like, but I know it's obscene. This is a song about "Mr Ugly" that to me, feels like a wake up call for some tramp teetering on the edge of tin pan Willy Maley.

Maybe not. But for sure that voice and then the fantastic guitar refrain that bumps and jerks and pumps the clavicles, and gets your elbows like they on a two-way cycle, gots you moving before it stops. And stop it does to rinse you, before you realise the voice has got you again, right up until the rhythm flats out to dose you with an ongoing-until-closing drum thump - on every strum - which thins and fans through whims o' t'whams to stop and pop some solo pills. There's bass in there too, but it's so tight I just got to write. It does that over and over unto the end. Great song. Get a lend.

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