Friday, January 06, 2006

Graeme Jamieson ~ Fashion for 2006

Expect anyone who has any Yen to start paying silly money for the Spring/Summer ready-to-wear line from Spencer Hart. Sure, rapper Shawn Corey Carter may be his most famous customer, but that don’t mean a blackened white ting, because Hart does bebop, not tag-popz. Plus, he’s just about the hottest name on Savile Row right now. So why not crib someone's evil little Bergdorf Goodman Credit Card, and make this freemarket world go around?

Regardless of acrimonies, bad publicities and controversies, the upcoming releases of Lonely Hearts and Chapter 27 should propel star-kissed Jared Leto into the saturated spotlight. If only Lindsay Lohan, his asthmatic missus, remembers her lines and flakes on cue (respiratory problems brought-on by malnutrition), he’ll surely be everywhere. Most fortunately, in cloak & dagger-eyed Russian émigré Alexandre Plokhov, Leto's got a guerilla great guy in SoHo.

For me, personally, I think I shall be ordering myself a particular neck tie, as modelled ever-so elegantly here by Gary Cooper. Indeed, tack-sharp Ionesco Soldiers would be correct in suggesting that it's a faux pois design in heavy woven silk, light grey on a black background! Recreated by Monsieur Jean-Claude Colban of Charvet, one can only order one by saving €110 and emailing, requesting thelondonlounge club tie. Say. No. More.

Graeme Jamieson

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